Howard Brown Health’s Workforce

Howard Brown Health’s workforce consists of nearly 600 team members, including two bargaining units represented by the Illinois Nurses Association (INA).  Howard Brown’s registered nurses have been represented by contracts negotiated by the INA since August 2019, most recently by a second contract ratified by the group in fall 2022.  

Howard Brown Management is currently working with Howard Brown Health Workers United (HBHWU) and the INA to negotiate a first contract for approximately 360 employees consisting of workers who are not in management, physician, safety, or confidential positions.   

Howard Brown Health respects the rights of employees to union representation. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to continue to bargain in good faith to reach a mutually acceptable contract as quickly as possible, understanding that both sides will need to give and take to reach agreement.

Building a collaborative working relationship with union representatives and their members—our valued employees—is our short-term and long-term goal, which upholds our values of teamwork and excellence and centers individual autonomy and community advancement.

Examples of our commitment include: 

Recent Updates and Media Statements

Past Media Statements Regarding Nursing Contract Negotiations

Bargaining Updates


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