Update on Negotiations with Howard Brown Health Nurses’ Union

After two months of negotiations and significant progress made, Howard Brown Health continues to bargain in good faith with the nurses’ union. Howard Brown hopes that patient care will continue uninterrupted while progress is being made at the bargaining table. Earlier this month, the nurses gave notice of their intent to strike on or after October 3. Because of the great progress made already, we do not believe we are at an impasse that may lead to a strike. Committed to the process, we believe we can reach a final agreement by Monday.

To date, management and Illinois Nurses Association have come to agreement on many significant contract provisions, including:

  1. Staffing levels
  2. Remote work
  3. Progressive discipline
  4. Arbitration process that adds a mediation step
  5. Attendance policy
  6. Health and safety provisions
  7. Saturday shifts
  8. Union rights
  9. Management rights
  10. Monkeypox MOU with PPE and safety protocols
  11. Additional annual labor/management meetings
  12. Extending introductory period to 90 days from 6 weeks
  13. Expanded transparency when posting positions and rights of bargaining unit members when applying for positions
  14. Expanded shift and scheduling flexibility for nurses
  15. Prompt turn-around responding to vacation requests
  16. Commitment to mutual dignity and respect
  17. Revised dress code respecting individuality and a commitment to no discrimination based upon attire
  18. Participation in committees

Howard Brown has also engaged our assigned federal mediator who has met with both parties and worked to try to bring us closer together.

In the past two months, we have found agreement on all non-economic proposals. Economic topics are last, which is typical for union negotiations. Still in discussion are base wages, bonuses, pay differentials, and benefits. All representatives will return to the table today and until an agreement is reached.

Reaching a mutually agreeable contract prior to a strike is a top priority to ensure patient care is not interrupted. Howard Brown will continue to update our community as we make progress.


Media Inquiries:
Erik Roldan, Director of Communications and Marketing


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