Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Let’s talk about PrEP

You like what you like. You want what you want, so take control of your sexual health. PrEP is a once daily medication that can reduce your risk of getting HIV.

Taking PrEP is a simple and easy step you can take towards a healthy sex life. It’s a key part of a wide range of practices, which include PEP, condoms, and more to have the kind of sex you want. Stop by any of our three sexual health walk-in clinics or make an appointment at one of our clinics across Chicago today to talk to a provider about PrEP.

Call 773.388.1600 to make an appointment, or email for more information.

Let’s talk about cost

The PrEP medications and the necessary follow-up appointments are covered by most insurances. If you do not have insurance or have trouble paying for PrEP, there are financial assistance options available to help pay for the medication and lab costs.

A monthly medication prescription is necessary for PrEP. If you are uninsured or cannot afford your medication costs, contact or 773-388-1600 ext 5120 to discuss financial assistance options available to you.

Once you start PrEP, lab fees shouldn’t be a reason to stop. Regular labs are required when taking PrEP. Quest Diagnostics processes the labs at all Howard Brown sites. If you have a copay on your labs, you will receive a bill directly from Quest. If you have trouble paying your PrEP labs or are concerned about the cost, contact or 773-388-1600 ext 7620.

Need assistance taking PrEP?

The PrEP Case Management Program provides managed PrEP primary care to patients who may need more assistance taking or managing PrEP. This short-term program provides sexual health and HIV/STI risk reduction education, medical appointment retention, and medication access support to anyone who is eligible across all Howard Brown sites that provide PrEP services. Ask your provider for more information about the PrEP Case Management Program and how to enroll.


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