Howard Brown Health and Nurses’ Union Finalize Patient-centered Three-year Contract  

(Chicago, IL, September 30, 2022) – Today Howard Brown Health and the nurses’ union bargaining committee reached a mutually agreeable three-year contract that centers patient care. A skilled, professional, and supportive nursing department is core to our commitment to patients and community.

As a part of the agreement, the nurses bargaining committee agreed to recommend ratification of the proposed contract to their members and call off Monday’s scheduled strike.

Howard Brown is grateful to its labor relations team and the dedicated team of nurses who represented their colleagues at the bargaining table. Achieving this milestone in a collegial and efficient manner is a success for both sides.  

Howard Brown is also thankful to the nurses for their vital role in supporting high-quality care to our communities. The patients and clients that come to Howard Brown rely on the affirming, professional, and responsive approaches of nurses and other care-team professionals. The new contract reflects a culture that values patient experience and will guide us for three years and beyond.

Howard Brown will continue to keep patients, and community informed about any further developments with the nurses’ union and the pending negotiations with the newly formed bargaining unit also represented by the Illinois Nurses Association.  

Please see the previously published statements on September 30, September 28 and September 16 for more updates on agreed upon contract provisions and the bargaining process.


Media Inquiries:
Erik Roldan, Director of Communications and Marketing

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