Internships and Externships

Howard Brown Health offers a wide variety of intern and extern positions designed to provide hands-on experience and to support the temporary educational experience of students and professionals seeking to work with LGBTQ patients/clients at Howard Brown, in a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, within a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).  Some of our opportunities have included Health Education, Human Resources, Behavioral Health, Medical Assisting and more. Duration varies according to program deliverables and preference is given to students currently enrolled in a degree program. All intern extern opportunities require applicants to be at least 18 years old. Internships are on a volunteer basis with some offering credit for academic programs.

Intern/Extern Application

All persons interested in applying for an intern/extern position with any department must complete the following application:

Upon receipt of the completed application, the Internship/Residency team will initiate the application review process. Application submission will be confirmed within a week and processing the intern/extern application may take up to 6 months. The candidate will be evaluated by Howard Brown Health teams to find a suitable position, if available. Once a position has been confirmed for the candidate and an affiliation agreement is negotiated with the sponsoring institution, they will be required to complete all onboarding steps outlined below. Students should notify the internship team if they are requesting an internship independent of school credit or requirements.

Howard Brown Health onboarding consists of:

Questions regarding internships and residencies can be directed to Gabriella Mulder and Cec Hardacker at

Internship/Externship by Department

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Howard Brown Health’s Sexual and Reproductive Health department is not currently seeking interns.

Social Services, Aging Services

Howard Brown Health’s Social Services and Aging Services department is not currently seeking interns.

Education, Research and Advocacy (ERA)

Howard Brown Health’s Education, Research and Advocacy departments are not currently seeking interns.

Undergraduate students interested in a paid, summer long project management internship can find information about the Shapen Fellowship here.

Clinical and Primary Care Residencies

All Primary Care clinical residencies are currently on hold.

Development Department

Howard Brown Health’s Development team is not currently seeking interns.

Behavioral Health Opportunities

Training opportunities are available to students in good standing in the following graduate programs: Masters in Social Work, Masters in Counseling, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology students (PsyD and PhD). For more information about our training program, including open positions, start dates, and how to apply, please click here. We will be accepting applications in accordance with ACEPT. We are not able to accept trainees outside of this timeframe due to the structure we create with our cohort and availability of supervisors.

If you are interested in behavioral health clinical training opportunities at Howard Brown and it is outside the training time frame or you have additional questions, please contact us at

PLEASE NOTE: contact our Coordinator of Clinical Training for mental health / behavioral health services only.


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