What You Need to Know: Our Employees’ Union and Terms of Employment

Howard Brown Health respects the rights of employees to union representation.  Examples of our commitment include:

To learn more about our workforce, our commitment to our employees, and union negotiations, please visit our HBH Workforce page.

Unionized Positions

Employees in most non-management roles elected to join the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) in 2022. Howard Brown will faithfully execute its legal obligation to negotiate all working conditions that affect this bargaining unit with its elected bargaining representative, the Illinois Nurses Association.   

During the negotiation process, the status quo of all working conditions for represented employees must and will be maintained. Until negotiations culminate in a contract, the following terms of employment, all of which are covered in the Howard Brown Employee Handbook, prevail (please note that the following list is not exhaustive):



Paid Time Off

Union membership questions should be directed to the INA.  Contact info below.

Nursing Positions

Registered nurses (RNs) in non-management roles formed a bargaining unit with the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) in 2018.  Nurses ratified an agreed second three-year contract in September 2022.  Contract highlights:

Contract Highlights

Contacting the Illinois Nurses Association (INA)

Should any union-represented candidate or employee have questions about our employees’ union, questions should be directed to the union representatives listed below:   

Morgan Toms, INA Representative: mtoms@illinoisnurses.com

Nick Reid, INA Representative:  nreid@illinoisnurses.com     

Ronnie Peterson, INA Representative:  rpeterson@illinoisnurses.com

Rose Sawyer, INA Representative:  rsawyer@illinoisnurses.com   

Matthew Bartmes, INA Attorney:  mbartmes@illinoisnurses.com   

Tristan Bock-Hughes, INA Representative:  tbockhughes@illinoisnurses.com


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