Howard Brown Health’s Workers Elect Union Representation

(Chicago, IL, August 9, 2022) – Today, Howard Brown Health’s workforce voted in favor of union representation by a vote of 231 to 7. The election was decided by 49% of eligible voters. The new bargaining unit includes nurse practitioners and other advanced practitioners, patient support staff, social work and behavioral health teams, retail workers, and some administrative professionals at Howard Brown.

“I’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the organizers, everyone who voted, and all staff who push Howard Brown to be the best it can possibly be,” said David Ernesto Munar, President and CEO of Howard Brown. “As we take the next steps in the process, we will move forward together in support of our patients and clients, seeking at all times to improve the workplace experience for our valued employees.”

Munar continued, “Howard Brown is committed to bargaining in good faith to reach a mutually agreeable contract with the workforce. With patient and client care at the center of the bargaining process, Howard Brown aims to reach a contract in the most efficient way possible to ensure our staff’s needs are met while maximizing value for Chicago’s LGBTQ+ community.”

The Board and management of Howard Brown Health took a neutral position on the question of unionization, creating space for employees to self-determine whether the proposed bargaining unit was in their best interest. Howard Brown’s leadership is proud to have protected the rights of organizers and created space for workers to explore their options without interference. 

Howard Brown posted statements about the union campaign, viewable here and here.


Media Inquiries:
Erik Roldan, Director of Communications and Marketing

Rooted in LGBTQ+ liberation, Howard Brown Health provides affirming healthcare and mobilizes for social justice. We are agents of change for individual wellbeing and community empowerment.


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