Illinois Nurses Association Launches Campaign for Agency-Wide Unionization at Howard Brown Health

(Chicago, IL – February 23, 2022)—The Illinois Nurses Association (INA) announced a campaign to form a new bargaining unit for all non-management positions at Howard Brown Health.  INA currently represents Howard Brown nurses. INA is now trying to gather union cards from non-nursing, non-management employees in order to advance a petition to the Nation Labor Relations Board, the first step toward unionization.     

Howard Brown respects the rights of workers to organize and self-determine if collective bargaining is in their best interest.  If employees vote to form a bargaining unit, Howard Brown will bargain in good faith.

“We value our employees and know that the past two years have been chaotic and stressful.  The workforce heroically led responses to the pandemic, while restoring in-person access to primary care, dental, behavioral health, youth development, and other essential social services,” said David Ernesto Munar, President and CEO of Howard Brown Health. 

“As an organization, we have challenges and concerns that must be addressed, regardless of workers’ unionization decision. Improving the responsiveness and coordination of internal programs, crowded facilities, burnout prevention, and employee engagement/satisfaction are but a few priorities.  I have asked members of management to continue to gather their teams’ concerns, ideas, and solutions, and to lead with humility and open minds so we may value everyone’s input and continue to improve moving forward,” Munar said.


Media Inquiries:
Erik Roldan, Director of Communications and Marketing

Rooted in LGBTQ+ liberation, Howard Brown Health provides affirming healthcare and mobilizes for social justice. We are agents of change for individual wellbeing and community empowerment.


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