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Let’s Talk About Pride

50 years ago, the Stonewall riots brought LGBTQ rights from the darkness and out into the light. As we commemorate a half century of struggle and progress, Howard Brown Health celebrates every person, family, and supporter that shines bright for themselves and their...

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Secretary Carson, Will You Do No Harm?

-  Channyn L. Parker, Howard Brown Health Manager of External Relations Several weeks ago, when the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Ben Carson, refused to restore the LGBTQ protections put in place by President Barack Obama’s...

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Happy National Women’s Health Week!

- by Carlyn LaGrone, Women’s Health Outreach and Education Coordinator    The 20th Annual National Women’s Health week will be celebrated through May 18 this year. As a marginalized group in society, women often feel voiceless, ignored and neglected – and this...

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Let’s Talk About Legal Help

Legal matters, especially when they pertain to your health and well-being, can be daunting. Howard Brown Health is a proud partner with Legal Council for Health Justice (Legal Council), which brings trained legal professionals into our clinics to provide legal counsel...

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Why We Must Prioritize LGBTQ Youth

Aisha N. Davis, Manager of Policy & Advocacy; Kylon Hooks, Associate Director of Broadway Youth Center Content Warning: suicide Last week, our community suffered a heartbreaking loss – Nigel Shelby committed suicide after being bullied for being himself. Nigel, as...

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How to Care for Yourself during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). You may have seen a lot of posts on social media, gotten emails, and overheard conversations on campus, at work, or in the community about sexual violence. SAAM is a great way to raise awareness, talk about prevention,...

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Healthcare Advances under New Administration

Aisha N. Davis Today, Governor Pritzker helped bring the State of Illinois up to speed in LGBTQ healthcare policy by beginning the process of removing and revising rules related to Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming surgeries. Barriers to healthcare access for...

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Looking Toward a Brighter Future

By Aisha N. Davis Yesterday, Chicago history was made as Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor. As the first Black woman elected to lead Chicago, and the first openly queer person to campaign for mayor, Lightfoot had already written a few new lines in Chicago’s history....

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Howard Brown Wants to Remind You – Don’t Forget to Vote!

Aisha N. Davis, Esq., Manager of Policy & Advocacy On Tuesday, Chicagoans will return to the polls to cast votes for the mayoral runoff election. This notable day will also select aldermen for 15 wards. For many reasons, this election is important, but one very...

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