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Meet Our PrEP Team: Teyanna’s Story

PrEP is Powerful Teyanna Veasy’s life motto has been “Be the change you want to see.” and she has been doing just that in a career that has spanned over 8 years in public health and community advocacy. Teyanna hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she got her start as...

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New Provider Q&A: Nurse Practitioner India Willis-Jackson

India Willis-Jackson (FNP) is the newest healthcare provider at Howard Brown Health 55th St., and she brings with her a breadth of experience and an energetic outlook that will be central to the clinic’s growth in Hyde Park. We sat down with India and got to know her...

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The US Trans Survey: Looking at Illinois

The National Center for Transgender Equality recently released its results from The U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS). With nearly 28,000 transgender respondents from across the nation, The USTS sheds light and provides important data on transgender people and their...

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More than Pink: Addressing Breast Cancer in LBTQI People

If there’s one message that’s been repeated incessantly by breast cancer awareness campaigns, it’s that “early detection is key.” As with most cancers, and disease in general, the rule applies that the sooner you can diagnose and treat it, the more likely you are to...

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12 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Big Orange Ball

There are tons of reasons to get dolled up and go for a spin at the Big Orange Ball (BOB). Here are our top twelve reasons why you absolutely won’t want to miss this year’s Big Orange Ball. Can you feel those big bear beats? That’s the thump-thump-thump of DJ Ted...

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Meet Our PrEP Team: Matthew’s Story

PrEP is Personal Matthew Lowther works for Howard Brown Health as the PrEP Coordinator where he provides PrEP navigation support for patients engaging in PrEP care. He has been working in the HIV/STI field for 7 years with experience in community-based LGBTQ health...

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MLHS Keynote Speaker: liz margolies, LCSW

Midwest LGBTQ Health Symposium - Oct 6, 2017 - Friday Evening Keynote Speaker liz margolies, LCSW Clinical Psychotherapist, Founder, and Executive Director National LGBT Cancer Network   liz margolies, LCSW, is the founder and Executive Director of the National LGBT...

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Howard Brown Stands with Immigrants

Despite growing anti-immigrant hostilities, Howard Brown Health stands with immigrant communities, including individuals who entered the country as children with their undocumented parents, commonly known as Dreamers. We remain committed to serving Dreamers and their...

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Meet Our PrEP Team: Daniel’s Story

PrEP with Purpose Daniel Mendez is a born and raised Chicagoan. Having dedicated over 12 years to HIV prevention efforts, he has worked closely with high-risk populations in high-prevalence areas throughout Chicago. He has provided HIV and STI screening, implemented...

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