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Let’s Talk About SexuWellness

The Women’s Health Services team kicked off new programming called SexuWellness on Friday, March 23rd at Howard Brown Health Clark in Rogers Park. SexuWellness is a sexual health drop-in night where women and TGNC folks can come for a wide variety of sexual and...

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Celebrating Our Lesbian and Queer Legacy

In preparation for the launch of this year’s ChiQ (formerly known as Garden of Eve) fundraiser, we have been doing Throwback Thursdays on Facebook to help build community across generations and identities. From L Word viewing parties, early 2000’s haircuts with...

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Partner Services Meets People Where They Are

What if you had an STI, but were too embarrassed to tell your partner? Partner Services is a department at Howard Brown Health that’s designed to anonymously notify people that they may have an STI and need to get screened. Phillip Prado is the manager of Partner...

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Reflections on Love: 2018 Annual Meeting Address

David Ernesto Munar, Howard Brown Health President and CEO In reflecting on our work in 2017 and the year ahead, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. I’m talking about the kind of love that you feel in your core, the kind of love that defines you. For last year’s...

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2017 was a Year of Impact for the Social Services Department

by Liz Weck, Director of Social Services (she/her) Over the past two years, Howard Brown has grown dramatically in size, scope, and populations served. Our Social Services department has mirrored this larger growth, expanding to encompasses a wider range of resources...

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Build the Future of LGBTQ Health in Chicago

The Howard Brown Health Board of Directors invites civil, business, and community leaders who support Howard Brown’s mission to apply for membership on the Board of Directors. Board members apply their extensive skills and experience to advance the organization’s...

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“Halsted is Home”

Shonita Lewis, Practice Manager, Howard Brown Halsted Howard Brown Health Halsted has been open since 2010. Even though we’ve gone through many name changes, Halsted has always been committed to compassionate, patient-first care to everyone, regardless of their...

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