Tune in to Charting Queer Health

As one of the nation’s leading provider of LGBTQ+ healthcare, Howard Brown Health has a strong legacy of serving those who are most in need, challenging convention within the healthcare field, and advancing the narrative of queer identity. This work requires collaboration with diverse people from multiple walks of life and can elicit thought-provoking conversation. So much conversation in fact, we decided we should record those conversations and publish them!

Introducing Charting Queer Health, a podcast by Howard Brown centered at the intersection of queer culture, healthcare, and research. Hosted by Matt Lesky, Content Creator/Host for Howard Brown, Charting Queer Health is a weekly podcast created to showcase the wealth of knowledge within our organization and celebrate what makes LGBTQ+ centered healthcare such an essential component of community wellness.

Every week, Matt sits down with providers, healthcare workers, historians, and other leaders to take deep dives into the health and wellness of our communities. How do we maintain our mental health in a pandemic? How do queer people age gracefully? How did Howard Brown Health start? What is the future of HIV-related medicine? Each week is a new question and a new discussion. Having these conversations together as community allows us to learn and grow together.

Education and cultural competency are some of the biggest tools we have in countering the inequities we see in healthcare across the country. Join us every Wednesday for a new conversation dedicated to Charting Queer Health.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Episode 1 with Dr. Maya Green, Chief Medical Officer, is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more!


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