Howard Brown Health offers surgical navigation assistance with gender-affirming surgery for trans and nonbinary (TNB) patients. Our Health Navigators can assist you with planning and coordinating your surgery from pre-surgery requirements to post-surgery recovery.

To be eligible to work with a Health Navigator for TNB surgical navigation, you must meet the following criteria:

To request a surgical navigation consultation ask your medical provider for a referral
or email

*Insurance status and/or ability to pay for out-of-pocket costs are important factors in determining client readiness. Unfortunately, lack of insurance coverage and/or funding for surgery can indefinitely delay many clients’ ability to have surgery. In order to assist the maximum number of clients who can benefit from TNB Surgical Navigation, navigators will use their discretion to determine which clients are ready for surgery within six months based on the client intake and assessment. Clients who do not meet the readiness criteria will be provided information and resources to help them move closer to surgery readiness and encouraged to resubmit their intake paperwork at a later time.

Note: While clients must be considered ready for surgery within six months, the surgery process does not always move on a consistent timeline. Clients are not required to obtain surgery within six months, nor does the program guarantee surgery completion within six months.


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