Statement on the Death of Jordan Edwards

Over the weekend, news broke that Dallas-area police shot and killed 15-year old Jordan Edwards after arriving at a house party. According to the reports, Jordan Edwards was in a car, leaving the gathering, when he was killed by gunshots from the arriving police officers. In response, Latonya Maley, Director for the Broadway Youth Center, released the following statement.

“As a sanctuary for young people, Howard Brown Health and the Broadway Youth Center mourn the passing of Jordan Edwards, who was needlessly killed at the hands of someone sworn to serve and protect. We know that despite the physical distance from Dallas, this tragedy is close to the hearts and minds of our young clients and community members. Every young person deserves a chance at life, and Jordan Edwards was denied that chance by unnecessary and careless use of force.

Howard Brown will continue to support and uplift our young community members and work to dismantle the systemic issues that contribute to senseless violence and deaths. Racism, ageism, classism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and homophobia are all too often experienced by our patients, clients, supporters, and communities. Howard Brown Health and Broadway Youth Center will continue to serve as safe havens for anyone who needs us.”


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