Police violence must end

Howard Brown Health is outraged with the needless murder of 20-year old Daunte Wright by police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Only days after the killing of 13- year old Adam Toledo right here in Chicago, Howard Brown joins our communities in mourning, grief, and disgust. Law enforcement violence is a public health crisis that disproportionately impacts Black and Brown communities. In our fight for health equity and racial justice, we must work to dismantle structural and historic racism embedded in law enforcement and carceral systems. It has resulted in the loss of far too many lives.

Howard Brown will continue to stand in solidarity with the fight to end police violence and the needless theft of life. We will continue to advocate for funding for public health and social service programs aimed at addressing violence and social determinants of health rather than policing and increased oversight and accountability for law enforcement violence. We will continue to respond to feedback on how to best support our Black patients, staff, and neighbors and pursue efforts to identify and dismantle systemic racism both in and out of our clinics. We will continue to listen to our communities, advocate for change in all areas of our service delivery, and bring those perspectives to our partnerships and future endeavors.  


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