Howard Brown Stands with Immigrants

Despite growing anti-immigrant hostilities, Howard Brown Health stands with immigrant communities, including individuals who entered the country as children with their undocumented parents, commonly known as Dreamers. We remain committed to serving Dreamers and their communities because everyone is welcome at Howard Brown Health.  As a community health center, Howard Brown Health exists to eliminate disparities in healthcare for LGBTQ people and our allies.  We believe everyone—regardless of their immigration status, age, gender, race/ethnicity, ability, and sexual orientation—should have a right to high-quality, affirming health and wellness services to reach their full potential and care for their families.

President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program impacts nearly 800,000 young adults brought to this country as children. By ending DACA, these individuals may become subject to deportation.  This cruel policy change targets young adults who have spent their lives helping to enhance the future of our country through ongoing work and study, and by extension, building the dream for a better American life.

As a child of immigrants, this attack on my community feels personal, as it does for many others around the country. To ignore the demonstrated contributions of immigrants, and reject the possibility of their potential, is an act of willful aggression against a vibrant and vital segment of our society.  We will continue to condemn acts of discrimination that impact LGBTQ people and their families.

Howard Brown teams are currently working on strategies to explicitly promote our institutional commitment to serve everyone regardless of immigration status at all our locations.  My thanks to staff on the practice management, ERA, and the communication teams for their efforts to make Howard Brown a more welcoming space for all.  Be on the look-out for signage and an FAQ that communicates that our doors are open to anyone seeking affirming healthcare.

Click HERE to urge your member of Congress to support the Dream Act and reject Trump’s anti-DACA policy


David Ernesto Munar
President and CEO
Howard Brown Health


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