Howard Brown Health Response to Recent NLRB Finding

(Chicago, IL, November 10, 2023) – On November 9, 2023, the Regional Board of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) contacted Howard Brown Health to inform us that they found merit to a charge made by the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) that we wrongfully disciplined and terminated an employee because of that employee’s union activities. We firmly believe there was just cause for the termination of this employee and are seeking further information about the NLRB’s initial determination.

Employee attendance is crucial to providing our patients with the quality care they expect from Howard Brown. In their six-month period of employment with Howard Brown Health, this employee accumulated 19 tardies; 5 absences without proper notice; and misrepresented time worked (clocking in virtually without being at work). After 3 verbal reminders and 2 written reminders of the attendance policy, and a final written warning, they again violated the policy and were terminated, just as we would any other employee.

At the request of the NLRB, Howard Brown provided full documentation of the progressive discipline that resulted in this employee’s termination. In their statement yesterday, the NLRB did not provide additional context on the charge. Howard Brown is thus seeking further information about what merit the NLRB has found in this charge and is prepared to demonstrate that this employee was terminated for just cause.

Our job as a community health center is to serve our patients in a timely, reliable, and uninterrupted manner. Maintaining these standards of excellence and accountability are paramount to our role as a vital resource for our community members and to creating a shared culture that promises access and quality to our patients.

Howard Brown will continue to keep interested parties up to date on developments pertaining to ongoing negotiations with our union. The latest updates can be found at


Rooted in LGBTQ+ liberation, Howard Brown Health provides affirming healthcare and mobilizes for social justice as an agent of change for individual wellbeing and community empowerment. Howard Brown envisions a future where healthcare and transformative social policies actualize human rights and equity for all. Howard Brown offers primary care, behavioral health, and social services at 11 clinics across the city, regardless of ability to pay.

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