Women’s Health Services for Everyone Who Needs Them

The Women’s Health Services program aims to increase lesbian, bisexual, queer, HIV-Positive women and transgender people’s access to comprehensive sexual, reproductive, preventative and primary care health services. To accomplish this vital goal, we’re facilitating person-centered interventions, collaborating with community agencies, and reducing social, economic and structural barriers.

Today women’s rights and gender equality are under renewed threats, so we must redouble our efforts to protect women’s sexual and reproductive rights. Lesbian and bisexual women face additional hurdles when accessing healthcare. Our team, which has evolved from the Lesbian Community Cancer Project, has a mission of reducing the health disparities faced by sexual minorities. Our program aims to improve access to gender affirming medical care, as well as general and specialty care, for transgender and gender nonconforming people at Howard Brown. We understand that access to hormones, OB/GYN care, birth control, and other services are needed by more than just cisgender women. We’re committed to getting people the care they need while also respecting their identity.

The Women’s Health Department would like to invite LGBTQ women and TGNC people to our Southside Community Dialogue on Saturday, January 27. The Community Dialogue is an open platform for LGBTQ women and TGNC people to engage with Women’s Health and one another. You can learn more and RSVP on Facebook.

We are holding events like the Community Dialogue to meet our community where they are, because we recognize that historically healthcare systems and practices have excluded large parts of the LGBTQ community, especially lesbians and transgender people. I encourage anyone who is transgender or gender nonconforming to share what their needs are and challenge women’s health institutions like ours. We’re exploring how to link the services that Women’s Health provides to a wider, more inclusive audience. It’s all about creating programs that meet people where they’re at.


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