Get to Know One of Our Volunteers

For National Volunteer Week, we wanted to highlight one of our volunteers at Howard Brown Health, Kashane Taylor. Interviewed by Terra Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator, Kashane talks about his experiences volunteering at Howard Brown. We appreciate all of our volunteers and are thankful for all of their work. Thank you, Kashane!

Volunteer Spotlight Questions

Volunteer: Kashane Taylor (KT)

Volunteer Coordinator: Terra Campbell (TC)

TC: How did you learn about volunteering for Howard Brown?

KT: I learned about volunteering for Howard Brown when I just migrated here a year and half ago when I was looking for primary care. I was told about Howard Brown Health and I went on the website and I saw that I could volunteer and I sign up for it as I had so much free time.

TC: What motivated you to volunteer with Howard Brown?

KT: What motivated me to volunteer with Howard Brown is the welcoming and diverse culture that it promotes, and of course the community feels like one big family. 

TC: One thing that would surprise someone to learn about me is….

KT: One thing that would surprise someone to learn about me is that I’m a young Black educated Queer Christian. Yes, I did say Christian. Yes, I’m a God-fearing queer individual who’s very spiritual.

TC: What do you like to do when you are not volunteering?

KT: When I’m not volunteering I’m either working for a project for school, writing an article for my published blog, watching some Amazon prime, Netflix video, or catching up with friends and family. 

TC: Do you have any advice for someone who is considering becoming a volunteer at Howard Brown?

KT: The advice I would give for someone who is considering becoming a volunteer at Howard Brown are all the benefits of being a volunteer itself.  It includes gaining confidence, making a difference that has real and valuable positive effects on people and different communities that Howard Brown serves. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds, networking and being a part of a community where you’re appreciated and holistically welcome as yourself…and of course you have a great time! Every volunteering experience is filled with fun.

TC: Please tell us about a positive experience you’ve had as a Howard Brown volunteer.

KT: I have had so many positive experiences volunteering at Howard Brown! To summarize it, I would say I enjoy doing different tasks. Most of all, the opportunity it presents for me to show and explore a different side of myself in an environment that loves and supports me, as I’m in this self-discovery path, after growing up in one of the most homophobic countries on Earth.

Get involved and learn more about our volunteer program here!

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