Chef Fresh Roberson,

Chef Fresh Roberson

Immediate Past Chair

(she/her/hers or they/them/theirs)

Fresher Together,

Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, Fresh started remixing southern culinary traditions as soon as she could walk and hold a whisk. Transplant to the Midwest, they now call Chicago home. An engineering and physics nerd turned chef, she has professionally studied cooking in Thailand and the U.S. and has worked in elite kitchens, including Google and Facebook.

Their community-based edible activism among communities of color, elders, queer folx, and youth is where her heart most deeply resides. They strive to make nutritious food accessible to all. She provides weekly meals for various non-profits and programs dedicated to increasing food access for the homeless, street youth, and seniors.

Chef Fresh Roberson is the founder of Fresher Together LLC. Fresher Together is a collaborative food and farming project for healing, economic development, training and retreat. Roberson is fighting for accessible quality affirming healthcare for all. They are deeply passionate about food programming being commonplace in healthcare and providing healthcare free of body shaming.


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