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At-Home Prevention Program

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Introducing a simple way to access free HIV/STI screening services delivered straight to your door, discreetly! This program was developed in response to COVID-19 and physical distancing requirements to meet the community needs for prevention supplies.

Shipping in Illinois Only

Screening Services Available:

Shipping in the United States

Supplies available:

How It Works

  1. Submit your initial intake form and complete the registration with Healthvana. If you already have an account, simply log in and sign the consent forms – this is required. 
  2. Receive your kit and self-collect and mail your samples back using the provided packaging.
  3. Samples will be processed and results will be uploaded into your Healthvana ​chart. 

Contact Us:
Howard Brown Health 
At-home Prevention Services 
773.388.1600 ext. 2991

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