Mourning the Recent Loss of Tatiana Labelle and Elise Malary

Howard Brown Health joins with our community in mourning the loss of Tatiana Labelle. This news is especially difficult following the recent loss of transgender activist Elise Malary. We are facing an epidemic of hate violence against transgender women, especially transgender women of color, in Chicago and across the country. These acts of violence are grounded in pervasive and structural stigma and transphobia. We see this transphobia clearly manifested in the surge of anti-transgender legislation advancing in states all across the country. Now more than ever, we must take a stand to protect the rights and human dignity of transgender people and continue to work to advance health equity. We know that many of our transgender family, friends, and colleagues do not feel safe right now. We must come together to stand in solidarity and support of our transgender siblings as we collectively grieve this senseless loss of life.

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