Howard Brown Health Stands in Solidarity with Ahmaud Arbery’s Family

On the heels of the Rittenhouse trial, Howard Brown Health feels a degree of relief for the McMichaels and Bryan verdicts for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. This outcome is just the tip of the iceberg for the healing process for all affected by Ahmaud Arbery’s targeted murder. Howard Brown understands that these verdicts do not erase the personal and historical traumas surrounding violence against Black communities. We recognize that countless victims and families who seek healing and justice, including most recently Jacob Blake.

The differences between the Rittenhouse trial and the McMichaels and Bryan trial are deeply rooted in anti-Black racism. Even with the guilty verdicts for McMichaels and Bryan, Howard Brown will stand vigilant and push even harder for racial equity and justice. These verdicts are just one victory for Ahmaud Arbery’s family and the fight to end racial discrimination in our communities.

At Howard Brown Health, we believe we must continually invest in Black communities and all groups targeted by oppression. We know we cannot do this work in a silo, so we remain committed to building a future alongside the communities we serve through our mission, providing affirming healthcare and mobilizing for social justice.

Join us as we take action beyond this statement: support Black-owned businesses ( and support organizations working for racial equity and justice. To our Black siblings and to all who are members of groups targeted by racist oppression, we encourage you to peruse the Self-Care and Support Materials for BIPOC. To our white siblings, we encourage you to start or continue your journey of unlearning.


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