Howard Brown Health Staff Share 5 Reasons to be a Nurse

This year, to celebrate National Nurses Week, we would like to say thank you to the wonderful, dedicated nurses at Howard Brown Health! Nursing is a choice. We chose this profession because we believe in nursing and all that nursing stands for. Nurses have the innate desire to help people, and it’s about making a difference in others’ lives.
What inspires us to become nurses? I asked four Howard Brown nurses to share why they chose to become a nurse. Read their perspectives below.

“As a survivor of the American-Iraqi War, I feel that I owe part of me to people who are in pain.”
“Nothing makes me happier than helping people through their most difficult time.”
“Nursing is never boring, I’m challenged by it every day. I get a sense of fulfillment by helping people, and I feel like my life is enriched by the patients that I meet every day.”
“I became a nurse because I wanted to work with LGBTQ folks and underserved populations to promote health and healing on a micro and macro level. Providing direct care to individuals on a daily basis, while working to end health inequities through community building, makes me feel fulfilled.”

When I reflect on why I became a nurse, I always come back to a Nurses’ Prayer. The prayer continues to be a part of my being and describes why I became a nurse: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Join us this week in celebrating our nursing staff, in person or online! Let nurses know that you appreciate their work and commitment to helping others.


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