Getting Involved in Research

Why is research important at Howard Brown?

Participating in ERA research studies helps advance medical knowledge, in hopes to improve care for LGBTQ patients, patients living with HIV and the broader population. In particular, participating in clinical trials helps us ensure that drugs and devices are safe and effective. All research participants should work with their medical providers to determine what treatments are right for them.

Do I need to be a Howard Brown patient to participate in research studies?

You do not need to be a Howard Brown patient to participate in our research studies. However, some studies do require participants to receive some clinical care at Howard Brown so that we can ensure safe participation in studies.  Our research staff can help answer your questions regarding becoming a patient.

I am new to participating in research. What should I expect?

Every research study is different. Before enrolling in an ERA study, a member of our research team will walk you through the process to determine whether you are eligible for the study, whether the study is right for you, and make sure that you have all of the information you need to decide whether to participate. In addition, our research staff will discuss study steps, requirements, and any risks to participating in the study.

I am interested in participating in clinical research, but I have questions. What should I do?

For additional information about clinical research contact our clinical research department. Take your time to make sure your questions are answered and work with your medical provider to ensure that participating in research is right for you.

Howard Brown Clinical Research Department
Phone: 773.388.8898
Fax: 773.388.8937


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