Delivering the Vote for the First Time

For this year’s election, we’ve interviewed Marissa Miller, a first time voter, to get her insight on what it’s like to cast her first-ever vote during a pandemic.

What made you decide to vote in this election compared to other ones?

There’s been a lot of conversation about this election, and I didn’t feel as compelled last time. I felt I needed to speak out against discrimination and how bad things are looking for trans people in particular. It all had to be addressed with my vote.

What is it like being a first-time voter?

I mean it was really scary. It was a very long process. But it was also extremely empowering. Afterwards, yeah, I felt accomplished!

What is your hope for local elections?

I want people in the local offices to be intentional leaders. What I’d like to see is intentional leadership instead of performative leadership. That really informed how I cast my vote.

How are you planning on voting this year?

I already voted, thanks to early voting. I voted the first day of early voting. It was in person, and they made it safe. They were nice to us while we were in line. They passed out water and chips when we got in the building. Masks were a requirement. It was absolutely okay to be in person for me.

Marissa Miller is CEO at Transsolutions Consulting, LLC in Washington, DC.

Let’s deliver the vote, Chicago! This year’s general election is going to be a little different due to COVID-19 and social distancing. Thankfully, there are many ways to practice your civic duty while still keeping you and your community safe. There is still time to register and vote early! Learn more about voting for this year’s election.


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