Sexual Health is Zero Feet Away

Howard Brown Health puts sexual health within your reach by making it accessible, affirming, and affordable. Slide into our sexual health walk-in clinics in Rogers Park, Englewood, and Uptown. It’s easy, confidential, and on your schedule. Sexual health is a perfect match – and it’s zero feet away!

Watch this space for new programs, content, and videos that bring sexual health closer than ever.

Sex Positive and Easy to Understand.

Get information on sexually transmitted infections and safe sex practices in some of the blog posts below.

Partner Services Meets People Where They Are

What if you had an STI, but were too embarrassed to tell your partner? Partner Services is a department at Howard Brown Health that’s designed to anonymously notify people that they may have an STI and need to get screened. Phillip Prado is the manager of Partner...

Same Day Start: You’re in Charge of Your Health

by Lyndon VanderZanden, Ryan White Part D Linkage to Care Services Coordinator Same Day Start is Howard Brown Health’s exciting new model of care for people living with HIV. It gives them the opportunity to start treatment the same day they receive their diagnosis....

In the Know: Top 5 HIV/AIDS Facts

by Laura Rusie, Director of Epidemiology 1. Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a once-daily medication to significantly reduce a person's risk of acquiring HIV. In a large randomized clinical trial called the iPrEx study, PrEP reduced the risk of infection by 92%...