Rashad Robison,

Rashad Robison

Member at Large


Xcelrate UDI

Rashad J. Robison is an Illinois native with roots in the west suburbs of Chicago. He has a mission to aid in universal advancement in areas of racial inequities, human rights, and mental health through service.

Rashad has built a career in information technology, project management, and digital strategy. With over 13 years of professional experience, he’s worked in leadership for several Fortune 500 organizations. Rashad is currently Head of Technology & Innovation with Xcelrate UDI and leads the 3rd Party Digital Messaging Strategy with Discover Financial Services. Rashad affirms that ‘representation matters’ and has created mentoring/coaching programs to ensure career progression, skill development, and economic security for minorities in corporate settings. Rashad studied Political Science at Roosevelt University. He was also a founding board member of Lorde, Rustin & Bates (LR&B)

Rashad repeats a simple saying: “Life is a Singular Journey, Together” and uses his journey to serve, defy barriers, and create change.


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