Welcome to Recovering with Pride.

The Recovering with Pride program has helped people from all walks of life who want to explore or change their substance use and other life circumstances. Change is possible.

How We Work

Our dedicated team has extensive experience working with the LGBTQ community. All therapists have training and backgrounds in working with substance use and mental health disorders. Our therapists are licensed social workers and psychologists who work from a variety of evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies. We partner with you in order to help you find relief in the ways you want to. Howard Brown Health is licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Human Services to provide multiple levels of outpatient substance abuse care.

Our Services

Getting Into Treatment

Call the Recovery Line at 773.388.8891 to talk to a staff member to complete a phone screen. After your phone screen, staff will recommend treatment options and inform you of next steps.

Do Not Let Financial Concerns Stop You From Calling for Help.

Howard Brown is a member of numerous mental health networks and accepts a variety of insurance plans. Howard Brown also offers discounted medical care, psychiatry, and mental health counseling to patients who are uninsured and have low income. Please speak to a staff member for further information.


Group participation is a proven method to explore and improve mental health and substance abuse concerns. Our groups are not limited to a specific substance, gender identity/presentation or sexual orientation. All are welcome. Groups are open, which mean you can join any time after completing an intake assessment. Consistent attendance is encouraged.

Common drugs of choice often discussed in groups include:

Recovering Together

Meets Wednesdays 6 – 7 p.m at 3948 N. Sheridan Road

The Recovering Together group is for those who want to maintain abstinence or are working towards achieving abstinence from all substances. We welcome people at different stages of recovery to learn from each other. Are you preparing to stop using, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel unsure about AA, CMA or other 12 step groups and want to explore abstinence in a familiar place? Have you tried peer support groups and are looking for something more/additional support (or do you just need a refresher)? Have you recently relapsed and need to get back on track? Are you completing inpatient or IOP treatment and need ongoing support? This group is for you!

Group topics include:

To learn more about this group, please call Sara Hays, LCSW, CADC at 773.572.8362

Harm Reduction Group

Meets Tuesdays Noon – 1:30 p.m. at 3948 N. Sheridan Road

An affirming, non-judgmental group where clients can explore their substance use, get support for making choices that align with their values, and learn tools to help them reach their goals. Facilitator of the group incorporates mindfulness and self-compassion exercises to help decrease guilt and shame due to use.

Attending clients will:

To learn more about this group, please call Sonila Sejdaras, Psy.D, LCSW, CADC at 773.572.8353

Rainbow Recovery

Meets Saturdays Noon – 1 p.m. at 3948 N. Sheridan Road

Inclusive towards all identities, however substance use will be a weekly theme within the group topics. This will be a closed group that runs for 9 weeks. Group topics will be based on the original meanings of each color within the pride flag created by the late Gilbert Baker. Each color represents an aspect/virtue of life which the group will use to reflect upon towards their own personal use and challenges. Some of the areas that will be explored include: sexuality, peace, life, and nature.

To learn more about this group, please contact Joey Metler, LCSW at 773.388.1600 ext. 1089

Women’s Substance Use Group

Meets Thursdays Noon – 1 p.m. at 3948 N. Sheridan Road

Would you like to gain support from other LGBTQ women and female identified folks as you explore your substance use? The Recovering with Pride team is launching a new 10-week therapy group, inclusive of all women, which will focus on moderating substance use and coping in all aspects of life. We welcome people at different stages of moderation and recovery to learn from each other and build community. All group participants must complete both an in-person intake assessment and a group screen prior to attending group.

Please contact Kristin Reitz, LCSW at 773.388.8908 for more information or to refer interested clients.

Additional Support

If you are looking for or need detoxification, inpatient care or sober living options, our team has a network of LGBTQ-sensitive providers in the community who can help. We work with the staff at Haymarket Center, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, and Advocate Illinois Masonic, among others, to ensure that clients receive the care they need. We encourage you to call our Recovery Line (773.388.8891) if you have questions about community resources and supports.


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