Alternative Insemination (AI) Program

Take your first steps toward family with us.

Howard Brown Health offers an Alternative Insemination (AI) program for the lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Our program provides holistic, affirming care to individuals, couples, and families as they prepare for pregnancy and begin the conception process. We strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, and our AI program reflects this by offering medical care, behavioral health, research, referrals, and social support services to program participants.

What does Howard Brown’s AI program offer?

AI Orientation Group

This orientation session occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month, unless otherwise specified. The session is designed for individuals or couples who are considering alternative insemination as a way to grow their families. Participants will learn about insemination methods, choosing a donor and sperm bank, negotiating insurance/finances, and potential obstacles to a successful insemination process.

Participants will also receive a referral list that provides legal, medical, mental health, and birthing resources that are specifically tailored to the LBTQ+ community, as well as a comprehensive list of reading materials to help prepare for conception, pregnancy, and parenting as an LBTQ+ person. Participation in this session is required before moving forward with the AI program.

Pre-registration for this session is required.


Individual Support

All participants enrolled in our AI Program have access to a patient advocate who can provide ongoing education and resources to individuals, partners, or family groups as they navigate the AI process. This patient advocate works closely with medical providers to ensure seamless and efficient care throughout all stages of conception and pregnancy.

Medical Care

Our medical care component includes:

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