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THInC Brochure Howard Brown Hormone Frequently Asked Questions PDF  Hormone Identification Chart Hormones without a Doctor PDF How to Safely Inject Hormones
Howard Brown Informed Consent for Masculinizing Hormone Therapy
Howard Brown Informed Consent for Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Assessing Readiness for Hormones: Informed Consent Informed consent requires a detailed discussion with the patient covering the risks and benefits of treatment. This site includes multiple sample consent forms as well as general information on the informed consent process.

ICATH: Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health ICATH is a collaborative project supported by advocates, allies and providers. It promotes the use of informed consent as a recognized standard of care to support the ultimate well-being and autonomy for transgender transsexual, intersex, and other gender non-conforming people. The ICATH model reflects the basic human right to self-actualization. It is not an institution, an agency or an organization: Informed Consent should be a trans-affirmative standard of care that is acknowledged and honored by medical providers around the world. ICATH promotes a departure from a system that uses Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis and Gender Dysphoria as a means for accessing gender-confirming healthcare.

Society for Human Sexuality Hormone Therapy FAQ This document contains a list of frequently asked questions regarding hormone therapy. More generally, it contains information about gonadal hormones and anti-hormones, so it can be a helpful reference for the treatment of androgen and estrogen-sensitive conditions–for example, certain cancers of the reproductive organs and breasts. It also includes:

  • What effect does female hormone therapy have on a male, and how soon?
  • What effect does male hormone therapy have on a female, and how soon?
  • How are hormones administered
  • How can the intended effects of hormone therapy be maximized and the dangers minimized?
  • How can one obtain hormones?

Tara’s Transgender Resources Hormones FAQ A collection of FAQs related to estrogen hormone usage culled from various sources, including online research, reports from other trans persons, and the author’s own experiences. Questions addressed include:

  • What effects will I notice after the first 2 weeks, one month, 6 months, etc.?
  • What are the best hormones?
  • Once on hormones, how long does it take to become sterile?
  • What is the average monthly cost of prescriptions?

Testosterone Therapy Basics A comprehensive overview of frequently asked questions regarding what to expect once testosterone therapy is begun. It includes:

  • What kind of changes does T therapy bring?
  • If I double up my doses, will my changes happen twice as fast?
  • Do I have to stay on T my whole life?
  • What are the different types of testosterone therapy available, and how do I take them?

TransCare Gender Transition Hormones: A Guide for FTMs A specialty booklet written specifically for people on the FTM spectrum who are considering taking testosterone.


Surgery Option Information

Finding Insurance for Transgender-Related Healthcare Compiled by the HRC, this site contains a collection of insurance carriers that have available plans without blanket exclusions for transgender-related healthcare. It provides a list of direct links to the carriers’ websites where major guidelines for transgender-related treatments are openly available. It specifically covers providers for whom SRS and/or GRS are covered.

Laura’s Playground: Transsexual/Transgender Medical and Surgery Links Last updated in February of 2013, this site lists transsexual/transgender surgery links as well as other medical resources involving sex and gender reassignment surgery and (FFS) Facial Feminization Surgery.

TransCare Gender Transition: Getting Sex Reassignment Surgery This booklet is written for transgender adults (age 19 or older) who have already decided they want to have sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and are looking for information about how to get it. Information discussed here includes: Paying for SRS: Government coverage vs. private payment Steps in getting SRS and, mental and physical health assessment.

TransGender Care Geared more specifically towards what they refer to as feminizing procedures, this site contains advice and information on health issues including hormones, transition, surgery, electrolysis, and more.

The Transgender Center Compiled by the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, this site includes information for both Male to Female and Female to Male confirmation surgery, as well as:

  • MtF and FtM surgery prerequisites
  • Types of surgical procedures available: MtF and FtM
  • Price lists: MtF and FtM
  • Pre and Post Op instructions: MtF and FtM This site was created to become a collective of information on surgeons that serve the transgender community. Our mission is to provide transsexual and transgender individuals with the ability to select the right surgeon for them. Information on this site does not constitute medical advice, or specifically recommend any surgeon over another. It is a constant work in progress, so if you have any reviews, sex reassignment surgeons to add, or information to share please post or email them to

There is also a great list of trans-inclusive healthcare centers across the US, in Canada, and in England at Trans-Health. was created Summer 2009 after the shutdown of (2001-2009), a surgery photosharing website exclusively for FTMs. Rather than simply replace Transster, a new founding vision was to create a site that would be a health care and surgery resource for the entire online trans* community, from FTMs to MTFs to genderqueers, agender individuals, and everyone else who could benefit from exploring the real life experiences collected here. We aim to be as inclusive as possible, and do not make any judgements on what constitutes a trans* identification. In other words, you will never be told you are “not trans enough” to be here.

Preparing for SRS/GRS Surgery Dr. Sherman Leis discuss what his patients can expect when they are considering having Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS) at the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. YouTube SRS/GRS Doctor Review Videos These are just a small example of what’s available for you on YouTube. Click through the links below, then allow the recommended videos on the right-side of each to guide you if you’d like to see more or attain further information.


Sexual Safety


Dance Safe Promoting health and safety within the rave and nightclub community. Safer Sex for Trans Guys An overview of safe sex for trans men, including thoughts on disclosure, and common sense safety tips.

  • Includes a link to the First Timer’s Guide for Playing with Trans Guys
  • Links to resources for Trans Men Who Play With Men

Sexual Health for Queer Transmen was created by the GMSH’s Gay, Bi, Queer Trans Men’s Working Group to share resources, information, research and have conversations about sexual health.

Sexual Health for Trans Women This guide is aimed at people across the whole spectrum of trans* feminine-identified presentations and behaviors—anyone on the gender variant spectrum who was labeled “male” at birth and who identifies as female—including gender queer or otherwise non-binary people labeled “male” at birth. It includes:

  • If you are a trans woman living with HIV
  • Safer sex tips for those who have not had, are planning, or have already had lower surgery
  • Post-surgery hygiene tips

FTM Resource Guide This Guide is intended to provide information on topics of interest to female-to-male (FTM, F2M) trans men, and their friends and loved ones. Non-trans men have also found the pages on men’s grooming and clothing to be helpful. Transsexual, non-transsexual, intersex, transgender, genderqueer, questioning, and “just plain folks” are all welcome.

Trans Safe Dating Tips PDF Compiled by Chicago’s Center on Halsted, this comprehensive PDF includes the answers to questions such as:

  • I am transgender. Should I tell my date? And if so, when?
  • Do I have to disclose the fact that I am trans to my partner?
  • Advice about disclosing trans identity in a personal ad/when cruising in person/during a sexual encounter/and more.

Trans Sexuality: A Safe Sex Guide for Trans People and Their Partners Covers some of the basics of trans sex, including:

  • Names for body parts and different ideas on how to respect and stimulate them
  • Tips on safety, for example, “If it gets wet: Cover it.”
  • Oral sex with trans men and women
  • Date safety

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Information

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health Based out of the University of California, San Francisco, this site includes: Information on routine care HIV Prevention Cultural competency

Queer & Trans Yoga Every Friday at 5:45pm

Chi-town Shakti Offers a Queer & Trans Yoga class experience. Additionally, instructor Kristen Ethier says, “My experience as a queer yogini practicing and training at this studio has been that ALL classes are supportive and welcoming of our fabulous community.” It sounds pretty cool so maybe check it out if you’re into that?

Transgender Visibility: A Guide to Being You A handbook that gives assistance and resources on navigating coming out as transgender to family, friends, and loved ones as well as beginning your own unique and personal transitioning experience.

TS Road Map: Self-Acceptance Lakeview Center Services for Chicago Transgender Clients Individuals and couples therapy centered around areas of concern including the coming-out process, questioning, identity, social stigma, non-acceptance from friends and family, relationships, family building, career-related issues, and more. Their website states that they have several therapists with experience working with transgender clients in transition.

Two Spirits – One Halle A blog outlining the ongoing journey to self-acceptance of Halle, who writes, “For me, acceptance is more about not hating myself, and everything male about myself. There are parts I will never be happy about, but I am learning to accept that inside, I am who I am, and even when the outer presentation cannot be what I want, and when the bits cannot be what I want, I am still worth knowing and being with.” Posts range from everyday experiences to internal conversations, and the site also includes a “Friends’ Important Posts” section, with links to writing by Calie and Mercedes Allen.

U.S. Gender Therapists List Updated as recently as July 26, 2013, this is a compilation of US gender therapists, transsexual therapists and transgender therapists for MTF, FTM, and gender variant individuals. Includes:

  • Web counseling services
  • State-by-state breakdown of services

TGAP (Trans Greater Access Project): Chicago Women’s Health Center Through TGAP—an agency-wide initiative focused on increasing access to affirming health services for trans-identified individuals—Chicago Women’s Health Center offers the following services specifically tailored for trans clients:

  • Integrative Health Services
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Services specifically for either transmasculine or transfeminine individuals

Voice Change Information/Resources

Local Chicago Voice Therapist: Connie Dugan, CCC-SLP Office Location: 4305 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Phone: 773-281-3039 Licensed Illinois Voice Therapist: Karen Wicklund, DM, MHS CCC-SLP Office Location: Services rendered via Telepractice / Phone: 847-476-7464 How to Develop a Female Voice An outline of steps one can use to develop a female voice, as well as answers to questions such as:

  • Will hormones make your voice higher?
  • What about vocal surgery?

Transsexual Voice Resources A collection of resources for finding your female voice, including but not limited to:

  • Ciara’s voice tips
  • How to Develop a Female Voice
  • Vocal Feminization Introduction

Transgender Voice Lesson 1 A voice lesson video on how to work on feminizing your voice. Ashlee Edwards also has a series of other voice lesson videos on YouTube as well as videos as coming out and other things. Providing Transgender/Transsexual Voice Services Compiled by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, this list of resources includes journal articles on Male-to-Female voice changes, Female-to-Male voice changes, Surgical Interventions, and more. Most of the content found here is a bit more technical language-wise, but is still insightful to have access to. Voice and Communication Therapy for Transgender/Transsexual Clients Also organized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, this article goes beyond voice characteristics to talk about the ways in which men and women communicate differently in order to help TG/TS clients obtain better results during transition.