In.Power* Staff

The Sexual Harm Response Project

Paige Leigh Baker, Psy.D.

in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Program Manager


Paige joined Howard Brown Health in 2016 as the first, full-time staff of the Sexual Harm Response Project. She has been responsible for the program development, implementation, and evaluation of in.power*. With a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, Paige brings her specialization in LGBT Mental Health from scientist-practitioner framework. This approach is balanced her commitment to a holistic approach to ending sexual violence in the community.

Tevin Giles

in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Case Manager


Tevin Giles is an In.Power* Case Manager at Howard Brown Health dedicated to supporting LGBTQ survivors of sexual assault through case management , support groups, community education, and connection to care.

As a Black, bisexual man and a survivor, Tevin recognized the need for holistic, intersectional programming and resources that center the most marginalized within our communities. This commitment led Tevin to coordinate transformative programs for LGBTQ youth while at Affirmations LGBT Community Center, train educators and healthcare providers on the needs of marginalized communities, organize against institutional racism with Black Lives Matter, push for organizational diversity and inclusion in non-profit and educational settings, and speak before an array of audiences on systematic oppression. Significant education in substance abuse prevention, youth intervention, trauma informed care, anti-oppression frameworks, crisis intervention, and motivational interviewing has allowed Tevin to impact individual and organizational change. Experiences designing and implementing youth-focused programs and curricula, educating youth and professionals, managing a diverse team, and community organizing have shaped Tevin as a professional and helped him see a need to address sexual assault and rape culture as a whole, but particularly as it impacts marginalized communities.

Tevin enjoys public speaking, and is especially equipped to address issues of sexual harm, rape culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, racism, systematic oppression, power and privilege, organizational diversity and inclusion, youth empowerment, application of anti-oppression frameworks in education, and relationship skills. Tevin studied Political Science at Michigan State University and plans to return to higher education after gaining more professional experience. He has a passion for politics, R&B music, comic books, and overanalyzing pop culture.

Nadia Valdez

in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Case Manager


Nadia Valdez is an in.power* case manager supporting victims of sexual assault within the LGBTQ+ identified community, making sure they get linked to the care and attention they need. She is very ambitious to get the program the visibility and trust from the community as the go-to program for sexual assault victims. Nadia’s grassroots background makes her no stranger to new programs that are in their developmental stages. With her years of experience in outreach, case management and non-profit work she hopes to utilize her knowledge in assisting in the growth and uniqueness of in.power*.  At home she focuses on her art career as an oil painter and illustrator.

Katie Luedecke

in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Registered Nurse


Katie is an avid reader, lucid dreamer, would-be artist, sister, lover, daughter.

Katie puts too much nutritional yeast on her food.

She lives in Humboldt Park with her partner, a sad puppy, and many books.


As a nurse and a member of the in.power* team, Katie is humbled to be trusted by people who share their experiences with her. Her hope is to be a support and partner in a process that can often be painful and confusing. Katie aims to make disclosing sexual assault and gaining access to meaningful resources easier for folks regardless of gender or sexual identity. In the clinical setting, Katie is passionate about shifting control back to the patient.

Krista Yank

in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Registered Nurse


Krista Yank is a Walk-In and Primary Care nurse at Howard Brown Health, a student Nurse Midwife, and a proud member of the in.power* team.  Krista aims to provide compassionate care that is responsive to the unique needs of each individual and their experience.  She believes that community is built through the power of listening and holding shared experiences, and is committed to providing individualized support in the physical, emotional, and psychological domains.  When she’s not a work, Krista can be found begrudgingly running, dreaming about breakfast foods, and listening to old school hip hop at high volumes.

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Medical services are available at all Howard Brown locations. Sexual Assault specific services are available at the following locations:

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