After experiencing sexual violence, sexual assault, or rape, it might be difficult to know what your options are.

Below we have outlined your rights and options in the state of Illinois.

Trust Yourself.

Talk To Someone You Trust.

Request A Free Medical Exam.

Get a Medical Forensic Exam (Rape Kit).

Make A Report To The Police.

Ways to Cope and Heal Following a Sexual Assault

After experiencing sexual violence, your brain and body can go into protective mode. Physically and hormonally your body is reacting to the experience, which can leave you feeling confused, angry, numb, or lost. These reactions are normal and can feel overwhelming. Give yourself the time and the space to work through this experience. Below you’ll find a few different hints that you might find helpful.

How to care for the most important person in your life: YOU!

How Howard Brown Can Help

For over 40 years, Howard Brown Health has pioneered LGBTQ+ healthcare, and we are proud to offer the first LGBTQ+ specific sexual assault response program in the nation. At Howard Brown, we are committed to creating a safe space for people who have experienced sexual assault to, get medical services, seek support, and engage with other survivors of sexual assault. We will continue providing you with services that are affirming, supportive, inclusive, and respectful of your identities. All of our staff are specially trained to provide emotional support after an assault.


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