Howard Brown Health honors the work, lives, and safety of all women.  Howard Brown also recognizes that recent events have jeopardized the lives of women. This year alone, seven trans women of color have been murdered in the United States, several states have made moves to roll back women’s access to essential reproductive health care, and in the U.S., cis and trans women continue to be paid less than cisgender men for the same work. Howard Brown Health believes that in order for women to be healthy, we must create a society invested in gender justice.

As part of Howard Brown’s investment in Women’s Health, we are issuing a statement of support for the national and international Day Without a Woman on 8 March 2017.

Howard Brown supports A Day Without a Woman because trans and cisgender women have been at the forefront of LGBTQ struggles for civil rights. A Black trans woman sparked the Stonewall rebellion, lesbians created invaluable networks of support and activism during the height of the AIDS crisis, and more than 50% of Howard Brown Health’s workforce is comprised of women. Yet, their labor, accomplishments, and struggles are often rendered invisible in our society.

A Day Without a Woman is an effort to demonstrate that women’s work makes our world work.  Organizers of this demonstration are asking that women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor, avoid spending money (unless at women and minority-owned businesses), and/or wear red in solidarity with the spirit of this strike.  This awareness should inspire all people to protect and advance trans and cis women’s rights in the workplace, their right to safety, and access to comprehensive healthcare and reproductive justice.

While Howard Brown Health clinics and Brown Elephant stores will remain open on March 8, 2017, Howard Brown Health encourages our employees, patients, and community members to honor this historic event in whatever way works best for their lives.  We realize staff within Howard Brown Health may choose to observe the strike by taking the day off.  We are planning to address potential impact on our services and we hope patients and customers weather any gaps that do occur with a spirit of patience and solidarity with this struggle for human rights.  We invite staff and community to let us know if and how they are honoring the day by engaging our website and social media pages.

Howard Brown’s commitment to women will grow beyond March 8.  As part of our new Strategic Plan, Howard Brown will be launching a needs assessment to guide our investments in women’s health and its visibility at Howard Brown.  Contact us at if you would like to help Howard Brown serve women better.

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