Services for HIV+ Cisgender Women, Transgender Women, Infants, Children and Youth

HIV/AIDS Services at Howard Brown

Care that’s tailored to you.

We offer a program that serves HIV-positive adult cisgender women, transgender women, children, infants and adolescents (ages 13 -24). Our team of medical and mental providers works closely with you to provide:

Medical Services

Our medical providers are specially trained to care for people living with HIV, but recognize that HIV treatment is only one part of what you may need. That’s why our providers focus on the whole person and work with case managers to deliver care for your mind, body and soul.

Mental Health Services

Therapy services are available to program participants and can be specialized to focus on coming out and sexuality issues, dating, violence, family issues, coping with HIV diagnosis, substance use issues and anything else you decide is important to you.

Case Management

Case managers work with HIV-positive clients to coordinate care and provide support. Assistance and referrals are available for employment, education, substance use, mental health, medical care, support groups, housing, transportation, alternative therapies and much more.

For more information about the Ryan White Part D Program, or to schedule a new patient medical appointment for this program, please call 773-388-1600.