Medication Adherence Consultation Program (MAC)

The Medication Adherence Consultation (MAC) program is designed to provide collaborative, short-term, intensive support; assisting consenting participants in overcoming barriers to consistent and health care provider recommended Anti-Retroviral Therapy for HIV disease.  MAC provides consultation, education, and support for 6 months to youth and adult individuals who are struggling with adherence to HIV medication treatment and have a detectable viral load of 200 copies or above.  MAC participation time will vary per client and could be provided for up to 12 months or more.

These services are offered to newly diagnosed persons with HIV, individuals that have never engaged in care for HIV, those who have not had an HIV appointment in the last 12 months; or folks who may be at high risk of falling out of care and need support reinitiating medications for ongoing HIV treatment.

The goal of MAC is to help you achieve viral suppression-or undetectable viral levels-within the 6 month timeframe.

How does MAC work?

You will be assigned a knowledgeable, caring Medication Adherence Consultant to help you navigate the process of HIV medication treatment.  This individual may be at your first scheduled appointment, or reach out to you before, or within 24 hours after, this appointment to begin contact.

You and the MAC will collaboratively complete a consent form, MAC assessments, and an individualized care plan.  This will serve as an on-going guide to what barriers you may have to ART adherence and goals you want to achieve.  This plan will be updated monthly, at a minimum, or as needed.

You and the MAC will schedule appointments according to your needs, availability, provider recommendation, and/or HIV standard of care.  These sessions will provide opportunity to process goals, barriers to adherence, ask questions, obtain adherence tools, counseling, and referral to other services you may need.

If you refuse/disengage from services for any reason, MAC support remains available to you so long as you still meet MAC eligibility

Services MAC offer:

Depending on your individual needs and requests, you will receive basic HIV and medication education, support at medical appointments, office visit/appointment scheduling assistance, linkage and education for HIV medication assistance and/or health insurance enrollment (if applicable), HIV support groups, mental health and substance use services (if needed), and other case management and community assistance referrals.

What is expected?

MAC strongly recommends monthly contact (email, phone, face to face) with MAC advocate.  This is to ensure full adherence to HIV medications and to provide the best assistance to participants as possible.

Adherence to scheduled medical or MAC appointments (appropriate rescheduling as needed)

Completion of program Consent, Medication Readiness Assessment, individualized treatment plan/goals, etc.

Monthly treatment plan updates

To determine if you are eligible for the MAC Program please call: Christopher Raley, Treatment Adherence and Retention Services Program Manager, at 773-388-8688.