Black woman dancing - text above Happy National Women's Health Week

– by Carlyn LaGrone, Women’s Health Outreach and Education Coordinator 


The 20th Annual National Women’s Health week will be celebrated through May 18 this year. As a marginalized group in society, women often feel voiceless, ignored and neglected – and this frequently includes their experiences in clinical settings. Unfortunately, this plays a role in their overall health, self-perception, and the way they navigate the world in a variety of settings. In particular, queer women, trans women, and women of color face disproportionate obstacles in their healthcare.

Women’s Health Services (WHS), as well as all staff at Howard Brown Health, strive to change this. Not only do we deliver quality healthcare for all women that enter the doors of any of our clinics, we also advance health equity through inclusive programming and new initiatives.

At Howard Brown Health, we truly believe in the importance of one’s relationship with the healthcare system directly impacts personal health. We want women who receive care at our clinics to thrive in all aspects of their health. To support that goal, we also encourage women to take charge of their health and try to empower them to learn and grow on their healthcare journey.

Taking the time to care about one’s health shouldn’t be relegated to one week and we hope this annual celebration serves as a friendly reminder about the importance of year-round holistic health and self-care. This can be done in a variety of ways and won’t look the same for every person. Learning more about what works for you is a big part of the process in trying to take charge of your health. At Howard Brown we are here to help! Asking questions, coming to educational programming, or using our website as a resource can be a great first step in trying to learning what health and well-being look like for you.

WHS is excited to offer an opportunity for folks to learn more about the many factors that make up their health with this month’s SexuWellness. May’s theme is a “Holistic Health Sesh” which will expand on what it truly means to be healthy and how it’s much more than not having a cold or broken bones. WHS is partnering with Krista Tyner, a Chicago-based therapist to talk about the many facets of health, such as mental, emotional, social, and sexual health. This session will take place Friday, May 24 from 5 – 7:30 p.m. at our Rogers Park location.  Click here to RSVP on Facebook. We hope to see you there!