Envision: A New Community Building Group for Trans Men & Transmasculine People

Whether it’s health initiatives or support groups, resources for trans men and transmasculine people are hard to come by. Envision, a community building group at Howard Brown Health 63rd St., aims to fill that need through workshops, conversations, and storytelling. The intergenerational group is open to trans men and people on the transmasculine spectrum ages 21+ and will be meeting first and third Thursdays starting on April 5 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Led by Milo Vieland (he/him) and Devin Niecy (he/him), Envision will be offering a wide range of community building activities, from haircuts and open mics, to storytelling with Story Corps  and a sex workshop with Early to Bed. The group is intended to foster much-needed community for transmasculine folks. The name “Envision” represents the energy of the group. Devin and Milo said that they “want to build an open-ended space for transmasculine people to imagine their own narratives.” When discussing the group, the pair only found a handful of spaces for trans masculine people and they were mostly on the north side of Chicago. So, the team decided to hold the group in Englewood to distribute resources across Chicago and help meet demand from patients in the area.

The two bring their own personal insights and excitement to Envision. Devin is particularly excited about the workshop for May 3 entitled “Daily Dose of Confidence.”

“Our trans experiences can vary depending on when we start socially and/or medically transitioning. I’m really looking forward to discussing our different experiences and the reasons why we do/don’t start testosterone. It can be enriching to discuss how a ‘daily dose of confidence’ impacts our emotional and mental health in the first year and beyond.”

One of the later topics in the group will be “Reconstructing Masculinity.” Milo shared his own excited about this topic.

“I’m excited for the group to explore our individual narratives of what masculinity means. We all have unique and important perspectives to bring to the table and I’m looking forward to talking about the ways we reimagine masculinity as we grow into ourselves.”

There may have not been a lot of resources for trans men and transmasculine people in Chicago, but the Envision community building group is looking to help fix that through art, storytelling, workshops, and much more.

Envision meets at Howard Brown Health 63rd St. on first and third Thursdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. starting on April 5. Ages 21 and up. Transportation and dinner are provided.

To get more information or register, email envision@howardbrown.org.


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