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Let’s Talk About Bi+ Health

This month, Howard Brown Health is highlighting the “B” in LGBTQ and recognizing Bisexual Health Month. As with every other part of our community, we honor the countless contributions and support of all of our bi+ community members and patients.  If you are wondering what bi+ means, it is inclusive of bisexual and also other people who are attracted to more than one gender identity, like non-binary people.  Bi+ includes other fluid sexual orientations like pansexual and queer. Here at Howard Brown, we recognize that bi+ people face biphobia from both straight and queer spaces, including assumptions and stereotypes about bi+ people. In an effort to combat these harmful presumptions, here are five common misconceptions about bi+ people – and why you should avoid them.

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Happy International Women’s Day from Howard Brown Health!

Amy Nicole Miller, Manager of Women’s Health Services & Aisha N. Davis, Manager of Policy & Advocacy Today is International Women’s Day – a day where we take the time to celebrate women, their achievements, their contributions, and their unique attributions to...

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Howard Brown Health Board of Directors Seeks New Members

Howard Brown Health is seeking candidates for the Board of Directors. Board members provide high-level governance and fiduciary oversight to advance the organization’s mission. Ideal candidates meet criteria established to ensure a diverse and skilled governing Board....

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Let’s Talk About

In 2019, Howard Brown Health will begin fostering dialog about issues that affect your health, life, and well-being. We believe that real talk has real impact. When we have honest conversations about healthcare, race, privilege, sex, and gender, we are better able to...

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From National to Local: Prioritizing Getting to Zero

By Aisha Davis, Manager of Policy & Advocacy On February 2, Politico reported that the upcoming State of the Union address will include a new pledge from the President – a promise to reduce HIV transmissions by 2030. However, last night, the President’s address...

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Howard Brown Stands with Jussie Smollett

Content Disclosure: hate crime, racism, homophobia Last night, Jussie Smollett was the target of a hate crime here in Chicago. This attack was perpetrated by multiple assailants who hurled violent racist and homophobic slurs at him as they poured a chemical – possibly...

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What’s the Haps on Paps?

by Amy Nicole Miller, Manager of Women's Health Services Many of us get pap smears (paps) as part of a general healthcare routine, but sometimes we don’t always understand why the test is an essential part of our bodies' care. Paps are used to screen for cervical...

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