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From National to Local: Prioritizing Getting to Zero

By Aisha Davis, Manager of Policy & Advocacy On February 2, Politico reported that the upcoming State of the Union address will include a new pledge from the President – a promise to reduce HIV transmissions by 2030. However, last night, the President’s address...

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Howard Brown Stands with Jussie Smollett

Content Disclosure: hate crime, racism, homophobia Last night, Jussie Smollett was the target of a hate crime here in Chicago. This attack was perpetrated by multiple assailants who hurled violent racist and homophobic slurs at him as they poured a chemical – possibly...

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What’s the Haps on Paps?

by Amy Nicole Miller, Manager of Women's Health Services Many of us get pap smears (paps) as part of a general healthcare routine, but sometimes we don’t always understand why the test is an essential part of our bodies' care. Paps are used to screen for cervical...

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Windy City Thrifter Puts a Bow on the Brown Elephant

November 27 is Giving Tuesday, an international day for supporting the work of non-profits. This year we kicked things up a notch by putting a bow on affirming healthcare! To celebrate in bow-tastic fashion, we sat down with Kaitlin Stewart, a.k.a. Windy City Thrifter...

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Transgender People’s Existence Is Not up for Debate

Earlier this week, the New York Times article reported on a leaked memo indicating that the Trump Administration is strongly considering redefining gender as either male or female, reflecting the sex listed on someone’s original birth certificate. This insidious and...

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Howard Brown Health Stands with All Immigrants

Howard Brown Health welcomes all communities and individuals who seek an affirming space and quality, holistic healthcare. We serve everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, HIV status, age, disability, religion, immigration...

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Standing in Solidarity with All Survivors of Sexual Violence

Paige Leigh Baker, Psy.D., in.power* The Sexual Harm Response Project Program Manager Content Note: The following is a discussion of sexual violence against LGBTQ people in regards to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Last week, Brett Kavanaugh, the...

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